The breast augmentation market has changed significantly over the last few years. A significant number of patients have been either travelling overseas to have their procedure performed by unqualified (to Australian Standards) doctors or they are having the procedure in Australia by doctors not necessarily qualified or experienced with breast augmentation.


Though some results have been satisfactory, we have certainly seen our fair share of problems too.


At YourBreast we have brought together a group of plastic surgeons with over 70 years experience in breast augmentation. In an effort to improve the current situation and enable patients to make an informed decision (and not just on price alone) about their surgery and care, we at YourBreast have been able to negotiate within the industry a more affordable standard breast augmentation price starting from $7,450.


At YourBreast the current total package price for a Breast Augmentation procedure is from $7,450.  Please note that this price is fully inclusive of:


  • surgeon fee by a plastic surgeon
  • general anaesthetic fee by fully trained anaesthetist
  • top quality round implants
  • operation in fully accredited and registered day surgery facility
  • comprehensive post-surgery care (see our Lifetime Aftercare Program) with our qualified plastic surgeons and plastic surgery trained nurses


The above fee applies to most of our patients who require a common, straight forward uncomplicated augmentation. The price may vary for patients who present with other breast problems (ie droopy or constricted breasts). YourBreast surgeon will personalise a package right for you.