Benjamin Schreenan

Registered Nurse, Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Specialist
Benjamin is a Clinical Nurse Specialist, with an impressive career in both Intensive Care and Cosmetic Nursing. Benjamin graduated from Deakin University in 2006. He completed the graduate program at Epworth Hospital in Richmond.
Benjamin worked in a variety of areas, finally finding his niche in Cardiac Services and Intensive Care. Benjamin completed post graduate study at Deakin University in Intensive Care Nursing, and moved his career to the Alfred ICU in 2010. The Alfred allowed him to broaden his skills and exposure to a variety of critically unwell patients. Benjamin continues to work at the Alfred ICU, caring for some of the sickest patients in the country. Benjamin primarily supports patient with advanced heart and lung disease, nursing patients through transplantation surgery, cardiac bypass grafts and valve replacement surgeries, and cares for critical burns patients with the Victorian Adult Burns Service.

In 2013, Benjamin began to explore Cosmetic Medicine, specifically facial rejuvenation with the use of a variety of injectable treatments. Anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and re-volumisation, fat lipolysis injections (fat dissolving), skin boosters and collage induction treatments are tools Benjamin employs to produce pleasing and natural results for his patients.

Benjamin has completed extensive training in cosmetic injection, both locally and internationally, with many acclaimed Plastic Surgeons. Cadaver Dissection and Cosmetic Anatomy training Benjamin received has been a highlight, which he completed with the Australasian Society of Plastic Surgeons and a world renowned program at Siriraj International Hospital, Bangkok.

Benjamin is blessed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is committed to expanding his knowledge of cosmetic anatomy. He uses his background in both fields to holistically assess and treat all of his patients. Benjamin is focussed on creating individually tailored results, formulating his treatment plans to meet each individual patient’s needs. Benjamin finds great pleasure in helping patients achieve the results they are seeking, making the most of many modalities available to him.

Benjamin is supported by 6 well respected Plastic Surgeons. When a patient’s concern falls outside the realm of non-surgical treatment, Benjamin is able to refer his patients on to an appropriate Plastic Surgeon within the practice, to address more complex needs and expectations.

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