We believe our commitment to you goes beyond your breast augmentation surgery. Because of this, we offer a lifetime aftercare policy for each of our patients.

Unlike most other providers, you can be assured that the YourBreast service extends well beyond your procedure with us. The team at YourBreast  have developed a unique Lifetime Care Program to provide you with the reassurance you need.  We believe our lifetime aftercare program is one of the best available.

YourBreast offers all patients follow up appointments for life. Whether it be 1 year or 10 years post-surgery, when you phone our team at YourBreast we will put you in touch with your surgeon and if needed an appointment can be scheduled. Although there may be a follow up consultation fee applicable, you can be assured of the security of knowing that at YourBreast we are always available to help you – this is important as  you are receiving implantable medical devices with a limited lifespan and should be followed up on a regular basis (at least twelve to eighteen monthly).

Our Lifetime Implant Warranty covers implant rupture.  In the unlikely event that this occurs and surgery is required, you will not need to pay for replacement implants at anytime.

Note that there may be fees associated with surgeon, anaesthetist and operating room facility however as a YourBreast patient,  we will do our best to minimize these costs for you.

Short term complications that may occur in the first 6 weeks after surgery, such as bleeding or infection, may require surgery. If you do need to be re-admitted, our YourBreast surgeon will not charge an out of pocket fee.  You will be responsible for the associated hospital and anaesthetist fee, however these are usually kept to a minimum using our operating facility.  If due to an infection or other issue, a prolonged admission to another private hospital is required,  then additional charges must be met by the patient.